If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.”


Welcome aboard the inaugural issue of Allure; a new digital publication presented by Tourism Australia and Great Fishing Adventures of Australia.

There’s something extremely primordial about dropping a line into the water and waiting for that exact moment to happen.

It still stirs something inside me akin to watching my son try to take his first steps. Once he finally got one, the look on his face was as if he’d discovered his place in the world. Pure joy.

When I’m out on the water, in much the same way it all starts with a little ripple on the surface, followed by a gentle tug on my line and from the second I’m hooked, I’m suddenly thrust into an exponential, all out, emotional assault of adrenaline and excitement. This is my moment and a rediscovery of my place in the world.

As Australians, we take for granted our rich and bountiful fishing experiences. After all, on every dial of the compass - from our freshwater streams, teaming with trout in Tasmania to luring Spanish mackerel on the Cobourg Peninsula - we’ve got it all.

Allure will shine a light on some of the new experiences, the quirky charters, the lodges, the secret spots, and most importantly the people that make fishing in Australia so great.

It’s time to grab your tackle box and hook into our first issue. But a warning: even if you’re not that into fishing, we can almost guarantee you’ll be when you’re finished reading.

Jeremy Drake Editor

Time to cast off and start reading?


The diversity of Australia’s fishing experiences is as vast as the country itself